16 year old dating

09-Jun-2016 09:53 by zwilde1 9 Comments

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Hi everyone, I wondered if you could give me some opinions on this.I'm 16 years old, in Year 12, and I've started dating a 20 year old.

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But I've always found dating boys my own age frustrating, because they all seem to be a bit emotionally undeveloped and none of the boys I know really share my interests.The guy I'm seeing is a law student who's really interested in politics and we go to the university debating society together (albeit having very different views to me)!He hasn't tried to pressure me into doing anything, although obviously I know that will be a factor for him. He really respects me and I just feel that we're right together.I told my parents that he's 19 (not sure why, but 19 sounds a lot better! I think it's because they know how happy I am with my friends at the university.But my friends have been acting really weirdly about it and I was wondering: what's an acceptable age difference?They talk about their future and have known each other even before dating.

It's about wether my adulthood could cause problems due to the law.

I am 18 years old, and recently started dating a 16 year old girl, and so far things have been going great.

Does it depend on the individual circumstances of the people involved, or are there definite limits?

The couple have her parent consent so, YES, it IS legal.

The man is not trying to get in her pants, and how "been together" for over a year. j Query(document).ready(function ($) { $('html,body').scroll Top(1); $(window).scroll(function (){ var vid Title = 'Is it cheating?

The man is a "friend of the family" so he has utter most respect for her family, and vis versa.

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