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The new standard in wireless networks and supporting the future needs of clients 802.11n is certainly not dead and whilst manufacturers are still recommending 802.11n deployments, enterprise IT managers should give some thought to and make plans for the eventual implementation of 802.11ac.This white paper discusses how 802.11ac is being designed to meet the demands of clients in the future, help you understand the technology, what is likely to happen in the transition from 802.11n to ac and how you can get ready to meet these new demands.

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This guide is intended for companies, organisations, and IT professionals who are looking for a network and application monitoring tool that provides a holistic view of application performance, including performance monitoring, from the end user perspective.OK Cupid (“OKC”) is one of the hottest online dating sites on the Internet.With its analyzing and calculating for you a qoutient as to how each potential partner stacks up against you in terms of their “Match %”, “Friend %” and “Enemy %”, it is a unique service, and many say it’s the best of the bunch as between the legitimate and well-known dating sites such as and e Harmony. How can two people who don’t even know each other be ‘enemies’?But, while the process behind the “match percentage” is elaborately explained on the OKCupid website, and one can even infer what the “friend percentage” means, how they calculate the “enemy percentage”, or what the Enemy percent even is, remains a mystery. First, it helps to understand what the “Match %” is.OK Cupid explains that this is a weighting derived from an analysis of the questions they put to you when you are creating or updating your profile.The more answered questions that you have in common, with answers in common, and the importance of the question weighted similarly, the higher your Match % number will be.

And, obviously, the more questions you answer, the more data they will have.

So that explains, in a nutshell, the Match % points.

When you answer a question, you also indicate how important the subject of that question is to you.

For each question that you answer, OK Cupid assigns a value to a) your answer, b) how you’d like someone else to answer, and c) how important the question (or, really, their answer to the question) is to you.

For example, for the question “Have you ever cheated in a relationship” the possiblities are ‘yes’ and ‘no’.

Then you can indicate how you hope your potential partner will answer that question, and how important it is to you.

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