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While there is no general limit on the size of the partition involved, it is most practical to back up a system which has separate partitions for the operating system(s) and the user data. This means that if your hard drive has a single, huge partition containing the OS as well as the user data (movies, music files, documents, etc), then it will be difficult to back up this system due to the size of the backup, and in some cases the lack of a place to store the backup (which cannot be stored on the partition being backed up).

Some basic knowledge of how Linux refers to and mounts partitions, and the ability to enter a few console commands carefully will be helpful, because this guide uses several Linux tools to accomplish the tasks.The ability to burn a CD from an ISO image will also be required.If you don't already have this knowledge, a little extra homework may be required to use this guide successfully.This guide will use the following tools: Step one is to make yourself a copy of the System Rescue CD. After downloading the iso file, it is suggested that you check its integrity using md5sum.While some of the tools in this guide are available for use on Macs, this guide does not cover Mac backups specifically.This guide supports the following filesystems (at least): ext2/3/4, reiserfs, reiser4, btrfs, xfs, jfs, vfat, fat16/32, ntfs, iso9660.

Note that encrypted partitions cannot be backed up using the methods in this guide.

The second issue is the amount of data on the hard drive partition to be backed up.

This is a step-by-step guide for backing up and restoring the operating system(s) installed on your PC (Linux, Windows, etc).

Specifically, it describes how to back up and restore hard drive partitions and MBR boot code using free tools and discusses backup and restoration procedures and scenarios. In short, this is a relatively easy procedure well worth taking the time to learn!

Mastering this technique takes most of the fear out of system changes - you know how to press the 'rewind' button on everything you do, and the rewind button works reliably and quickly. The only limitations are the filesystems being used and the amount of data involved.

Most Linux and Windows systems are supported for backup.

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