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Dating script post new topic - Online sex

You either need a protocol ( or https:) or get rid of the '//' for a proper URL.But note that not specifying a protocol will default to ' and will then give "insecure content" errors on https pages.

It’s a standalone case, a one-in-done story following Dex on a late night stakeout.//the bday array data can be generated from server-sidevar arr Bday = [ ['John Doe', '5/6'], ['John Doe1', '5/31'], ['John Doe2', '5/30'], ['John Doe3', '5/28'], ['John Doe4', '5/27'], ['John Doe5', '5/18'], ['John Doe6', '5/20'], ['John Doe7', '5/19'] // on (last entry must not have a trailing comma)];function get Bdays This Week(){ var arr Month = new Array("January", "February", "March", "April", "May", "June", "July", "August", "September", "October", "November", "December"); var bday, idx; var bday List = new Array(); var today = new Date(); for (var i=0;i b.bday) return 1; return 0; } ); } return bday List;}function is Bday In Range(bday, interval){//credit for this function goes to://-Rob (@slingfive) Eberhardt, Slingshot Solutions// Date/js var today = new Date(); //have to override time so entire day will be valid Hours(0,0,0,0); //if the birthday has already occurred in the year, increment to the next year if (bday thì hiển thị số tuổi của người đó nhưng không có thông tin người sinh nhật trong tuần Liệu có thể kết hợp với nhau để vừa hiện thị trong tuần sinh nhật ai và được bao nhiêu tuổi không ? Còn script này thì hiển thị tất cả list ra và tuổi. Nhưng em muốn kết hợp với nhau để vừa hiển thị trong tuần sinh nhật ai và được bao nhiêu tuổi.Như vậy chức năng sinh nhật trong tuần là không có tác dụng. *** Firefox: Google Chrome: ---------------------------------------- ***How can I know if script is working? ---------------------------------------- ***Where you can get FF, GM and GC?

P_LINGUA=001&P_TIPO=001&P_COD_UNI=RB156460425HK Got it? So, write down your location and the link to me create the script... After had one of these options installed just click one of the links above and install the script.

Willian ---------------------------------------- Scripts ready to use: Armenia: soon Argentina: not posible =( Australia: soon Austria: soon Bangladesh: not posible =( Belarus: soon Belgium: soon Bolivia: soon Brasil: Bulgaria: soon Cambodia: soon Canada: soon Chile: soon Costa Rica: soon Croatia: soon Cyprus: soon Czech: soon Denmark: soon Egypt: soon Faroe Islands: soon Finland: France: soon Georgia: soon Greece: soon Greenland: soon Hungary: soon Iceland: soon India: soon Indonesia: soon Ireland: soon Israel: soon Italy: soon Japan: soon Jordan: soon Kazakhstan: soon Korea: soon Lebanon: soon Lithuania: soon Malaysia: soon Malta: soon Mexico: soon Morocco: soon New Zealand: soon Nigeria: soon Norway: soon Pakistan: soon Peru: soon Poland: soon Portugal: soon Qatar: soon Romania: soon Russia: soon Saudi Arabia: soon Serbia: soon Singapore: soon Slovakia: soon Slovenia: soon South Afrika: soon Spain: soon Sweden: soon Switzerland: soon Thailand: soon Tunisia: soon Turkey: soon Ukraine: soon United Arab Emirates: soon Vietnam: soon ---------------------------------------- ***How to use/install the scripts*** To install you need have: OR Firefox(FF)+Greasemonkey(GM) OR Google Chrome.

STUMPTOWN #10 is the first time in a long while where I got to draw a complete story in one issue and also a comic that is mostly silent, both things that make for a really satisfying, fun to draw issue.

Greg (@ruckawriter) absolutely killed it with this story, putting together one of my favorite scripts to date and Ryan brought a great, moody vibe with the colors as we watch Dex struggle to figure out who is doing what with whom.

I'm writing a script to swap original post office link into "Your Orders" area ( Show Orders.asp) to local link to post-offices. If you know a bit of internet, please, bring to me links to substitute the link of Hong Kong post-office take a look: This is a link of HKPO: *** Simply, you will see a small flag of your country at right of tracking number: (Did you enjoy my script?

So, I need people from all countries to help me create and keep up-to-date an script that change the Hong Kong post office (or China post, or whatever) I already made to my country (BR) and the result you can see here:

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