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Kids who take great digital pictures can use the family camera to begin this business. Artistic kids may want to learn how to do face painting.Again, parents may need to get involved in setting up an account under an adult’s name. Other kids in the neighborhood will be happy to pay them to practice this skill. Kids who want to make their money off of other kids should look into doing candy sales in the neighborhood.

They can also be sold to adults who have a sweet tooth! Kids can make friendship bracelets and simple beaded jewelry. Kids who are truly crafty may want to work with their parents to set up an online Etsy store. Those kids should put that skill to use by earning some money doing dog walking for people in the neighborhood who have dogs. Kids can also earn money from pet owners by offering to wash those pets. In some areas, horse washing and grooming is also an option. Tending a garden, raking leaves, watering plants and re-painting house trim are all things that kids might get paid to do for someone else. They can then sell the fruits of their labor for some extra cash. Returning items that one neighbor has borrowed from another, running to the corner store to pick up a few things and checking someone’s mail on a daily basis are examples of such tasks. There are tons of different indoor tasks that kids can get paid to do including laundry, window washing, vacuuming and so on. Kids who have basic computer skills (like typing) may also be able to sell those services. Setting up for a party, cleaning up afterwards and serving drinks or snacks during the party are all tasks that kids can handle. Kids that are skilled at cooking may be able to turn this skill into a business.They can hold bake sales in the neighborhood every week or every month where they sell their baked goods. Kids these days are really good with computers and that’s a great place to start earning a little bit of money.Truly entrepreneurial kids may even set up a baking business through which neighbors and family members can place special orders. They can start a blog and promote it through their My Space account.They can earn a small amount of money for advertising. Another great online business that kids can get into is selling their photos through microstock photography sites online.Kids may need to work with a parent to set up a legal account for accepting ad money. There are also sites like Share APic where kids can host their own photo galleries and get ad money when people visit the pictures.These can be sold to neighbors, at flea markets or even online. This is a place where people can list handmade items for sale. Jewelry isn’t the only handmade item that kids are good at making. Those crafty kids might want to get involved in selling their soaps and other things at Farmers’ Markets (if they make them in an organic way). Another job for older kids is to get paid to read books to younger kids. Book-smart children can set up small reading groups in which they read aloud to kids who can’t read yet. Older kids who are starting to get knowledgeable about teaching can even offer tutoring services to younger kids. Kids who aren’t ready to do this may offer the service of coming over to the home and playing with the dog to help get the dog’s energy out. If your family knows a lot of people who host parties throughout the year then this can be a good kids’ business. Many busy families would be happy to buy a few pre-cooked meals each week to save them the trouble of cooking for themselves. Elderly people are often happy just to have kids around. Kids may be able to work with local businesses to earn some money doing basic advertising.

Kids that can make jewelry, do sewing or create other types of handmade crafts can earn a decent living this way. Homemade soaps and candles are other things that kids can learn how to make and sell. Alternatively, you can help your kids get to know the local farmers that are selling at Farmers’ Markets. A yard sale is a great way for kids to earn some quick cash. Kids who are too young to babysit may be able to find work as parent helpers, babysitting while the parents are home to give the parents a break while the kids learn babysitting skills. Parents pay a small fee for their kids to be in the group. Kids who already know how to read or do math are often the best teachers for younger kids who are just learning these skills. Kids can learn to make meals that can be frozen and stored and they can end up turning this into a pretty good ongoing business. Kids can earn money by working as a companion to an elderly person, doing some of their basic chores and assisting them in getting around. Businesses pay kids to hand-deliver flyers to local residents. The car wash is one of the most basic ways that kids can earn money. It used to be that kids could earn a decent amount of money by collecting people’s recyclables and cashing them in.

It may be possible for kids to earn some extra money by getting hired to assist at the farmers’ stands. They can sell the items that they don’t want anymore to get money for what they do want to buy. Kids who are really good at selling things may be interested in working with their parents to start a small e Bay store. This is generally best for older kids or groups of kids working together due to safety concerns about going door-to-door. It’s another one that’s really great for groups of kids who want to work together. Turning in cans for recycling doesn’t earn you much money in most places anymore.

Kids of all ages are frequently looking for ways that they can earn money. First of all it means that their children will have a bit of their own spending money to get the things that they want.

Perhaps more importantly, earning their own money teaches kids about the value of money.

It also teaches them skills related to working that they’ll be using for the rest of their lives.

It’s an all-around great situation when kids start earning their own money from an early age. Here are 30 different ways that kids might earn money: 1. Kids can start learning to do some simple baking from a very young age.

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