Live chat no credit card required

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Live chat no credit card required - Free Online

It’s much faster than exchanging emails every couple of hours or making your customers hang on the phone when stuck in a queue.

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It’s just as simple as writing a text or instant message.No other channel offers the same kind of convenience and effectiveness as a quick chat.It’s the go-to support solution customers pick when facing a problem on a website.At Jivo Chat we believe that the key to customer service kung-fu is to answer chats in 15 seconds.You can get all the information you need to handle a case and resolve it in one touch through Live Chat.When was the last time you had a phone call with 6 customers at the same time? You can easily service several customers at the same time. Live Chat comes with a range of reporting and managerial options that will allow you to fine-tune your customer service.

It crunches all the numbers for you so that the next step toward better support is always visible.

Nothing beats chat when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Your customers will know exactly what to do to reach you.

The same design philosophy makes our applications so agent-friendly.

No need for weeks-long training – you can learn the essentials within minutes.

Your customer service cases don’t have to drag over several emails, calls and, most probably, weeks.

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