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Does the fact that porn is good for you, surprise you. Apparently in 2009 the University of Montreal studied the effect of porn on men. Watching porn can be an excellent tension reliever.

So, to start out, they had to find men who watch porn, and men who never have. Some men lie about watching it; I'm not sure why they do that; it just shows that some men lie. Studies have shown that watching porn helps both women and men explore topics that might be seen as taboo. Watching porn creates sexual fantasies in our head. They help us to create a better understanding of ourselves which in turn helps us to create healthier relationships.

The researchers had a problem because they could not find any men that had never looked at or watched pornography. The only downside to watching strangers having sex is that teenagers of today, look at it and think that, that's what sex is about. So now that one negative point is out of the way lets talk about why pornography really is good for us. Some sexual topics may have been hard to talk about before watching porn together. If you've been single for a while or have just broken up with someone, you find there are times when you need to fulfill your urges. It may even stop you from making a bad sexual mistake on a Saturday night.

It almost seems like, at some point in their lives they had all watched porn. It has shown that it helps partners to open up easier to each other.

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