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State and county marriage license requirements often change. (corner of Beretania and Punchbowl Streets) Honolulu, Hawaii 96813 Ph: 808.586.4545 a.m. / M – F (except for Court Approved Holidays) If previously married, proof of original divorce decree or death certificate needs to be presented to the marriage agent by the applicant if the divorce or death was final within 30 days of applying for a marriage license.

Imagine exchanging vows barefoot on the sand as the orange glow of sunset streaks the horizon.Or perhaps you would prefer a lavish luau-style ceremony complete with hula dancers and drum beats?Whatever ceremony you choose, Hawaii offers some of the world’s most spectacular and romantic settings, with sun-kissed golden sands, tropical lagoons, gardens of vivid green that are abundant with colourful, fragrant flowers.It’s not hard to see why Hawaii is one of the world’s favourite wedding destinations, especially for a beach wedding. Aside from applying for your marriage licence in person from an authorised agent, there is no residency period or waiting period for visitors.A newly married couple receives one certified copy of the marriage certificate at no extra charge, upon payment of the marriage licence fee, which will be sent to the couple by mail between 60 and 120 days after the marriage.If a marriage certificate is needed sooner than this, you can apply for one or more additional certified copies.– Allow a day before your ceremony to visit your planned location to ensure that it’s picture perfect.

Also check the forecast for possible rain: you may need a back-up plan so a cloudburst won’t dampen your planned photo opportunities, not to mention your spirits.

– There are just so many gorgeous beaches to choose from in Hawaii. Remember you may have to share some of your beach with other beach lovers, unless of course you choose an out-of-the-way secluded beach setting.

Local Wedding Officiants for your wedding or vow renewal ceremony.

Submit one form to top-rated marriage officiants in your locality.

For more information regarding Hawaii marriage license laws please visit

The above information is for guidance only and should not be regarded as legal advice.

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