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After he passed, he ditched his furniture-moving job to join the NYPD in 1968 as a trainee handling calls for the city’s new 911 system. Fort Apache was a festival of murder, arson, drug dealing, robbery, burglaries and car theft. Steve Cantor, traded shots with weapons dealer Hector Nuñez, who was armed with a Winchester .30-.30 rifle.When Friedman hit the streets in 1970 — the same year as future Commissioner Ray Kelly — he couldn’t wait to get started. “It was probably the most dangerous neighborhood in the world,” he said. His first arrest was of two suspects he saw passing money and slips with numbers. “You got a KG, a known gambler.” His first shooting came in June 1971. I got a gun in my hand, and they’re swinging at me,” Friedman said. My partner’s hit seven times, once in the heart,” he said. I grabbed him with my left, and he ran into the gun, right on his nipple. After they hit and wounded Nuñez, a second man came after Friedman with a knife. Friedman was more than an extraordinary gunfighter.

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The brothers hid and watched in the snow for 30 minutes.When one kid pulled a shotgun, the two arrested all three suspects before they could rob the place or fire a shot. After that, he made sure to arm himself with a second gun — his “detective’s special,” a snub-nosed Colt .38 revolver strapped to his ankle.“The ’70s were a different animal,” said Friedman, a Bronx-born De Witt Clinton High School grad and massive bodybuilder who could once bench press 400 pounds. Paired with his NYPD-issued Smith & Wesson revolver, he had 12 rounds at the ready.“You had to be combat ready.” He had no friends or family on the force — his dad was a hotel manager — but when two pals asked if he wanted to take the police test with them, he agreed. There were two other fatal gunfights, including a rooftop scrum in the 52nd Precinct in 1977 when he and his boss, Detective Sgt.It was the bad old days of 1974, the South Bronx, and NYPD Detective Ralph Friedman and his partner, Robert De Matas, were working undercover, posing as cab drivers. He has been stabbed, broke his hand twice, fractured his skull, and was smashed over the head with a tire iron.They watched a group of teens ask a man, Joaquin Castro, 37, for money. “The kid called him a cheap bastard, so [Castro] pulls out a gun and shoots him right in front of us — his chest explodes,” Friedman recalled. “I stop by a stoop, so I’m covered,” Friedman said. He has other ink on his chest for his years at The Bronx’s notorious 41st Precinct during the city’s most violent era.

The cops sprinted after Castro along John Street, the killer firing at Friedman as he fled. “Fort Apache ’70-’75,” it reads, using the precinct station’s old nickname, popularized by the 1981 film “Fort Apache, The Bronx.” Another tattoo on his back reads, “The rush was worth the risk.” Friedman once cut short a double date with his brother Stu, a decorated transit cop, because he suspected youths outside a deli were up to no good.

He collected 219 NYPD awards and 36 civilian honors, while piling up more than 2,000 arrests, 105 off duty.

He has been in 15 gun battles and shot eight perps, including the four he killed.

’ “My partner fires one round, and the guy grabs his shoulder. I run up and am standing right over him, and he starts to lift his hand up, and I shoot him right in the head. For that battle, and the three other men he killed when they tried to murder him in the line of duty, Friedman gave himself something else, a tattoo on his right trigger finger that reads: “Justified 4X.” Friedman , now 66, is the most decorated detective in the history of the NYPD.

I’m lining him up in my sights like I’m shooting at paper, and I’m like, ‘Why isn’t this guy going down? ” Friedman was given the Combat Cross, the department’s second-highest honor, for his actions.

And when they get him downtown, would you believe I’d hit him like nine times — in a good grouping right around the belly?

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