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"Great dates seem hard to come by so if I'm on one, I can't help but think, could he be the one? Picture this: It's the second course of an exquisite meal on your second date with an exquisite guy.As you take in every one of his charming words, mesmerized by the way his lips wrap around his wine glass, you drift into fantasyland, thinking, "Wow, he would make an amazing softball coach to our kids.

He's a guy I would give up my last name for." But you know what he's thinking? and as much as we hate to admit it, given how well you know each other, his head is probably the one that's on straight. You're getting somewhere, but you've got a long way to go.Currently coached by Craig Hilliard at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra, Thomas has set personal bests over a diverse range of distances and has been nationally ranked over 200 metres, 400 metres, 800 metres and 400m Hurdles in various athletics season in Australia.Thomas is a 4 time National Champion of the 400 metres hurdles.He is the second best Australian of all time in this event and he is the Tasmanian holder.Thomas had displayed his ability whilst in school, winning an unprecedented four gold medals in the above events at the 2003 Australian All Schools Championships.He finished 7th in semifinal two with a time of 50.55.

This did not qualify him for the next stage and this was the end of Thomas's competition.

He has also competed in three World Championships (2009, 20).

I get lost in the romance, the fantasy of it all," says Melanie, 29, an account supervisor in Boston. From his first wink you thought to yourself, "he seems too good to be true" but, lo and behold, the real-life version measured up to his digital one.

Mark, 32, a marketer in Seattle, explains, "If a girl brings up exclusivity early on, it makes me think she wants someone, not necessarily me.

It raises dependency and insecurity flags." Men and women generally view the future and commitment a little bit differently.

Ladies often picture a perma-date to weddings, a co-pilot, a figurative blankie.

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