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, which found that the appearance and frequency in published books of the words “humility” and “humbleness” dropped on average 43.33% from 1901 to 2000.

On the one hand, the fundamentally human capacities for self-awareness, self-reflection, and self-control are essential for reaching our goals.This non-defensive attitude toward the present moment is associated with Personal growth and detached awareness complement each other nicely: detached awareness is all about the present moment, whereas personal growth is all about contemplating the longer-term implications of the present moment.Both are part of the quiet ego since both are focused on dynamic processes rather than evaluation of the final product.that those with a quiet ego reported being more interested in personal growth and balance and tended to seek growth through competence, autonomy, and positive social relationships.While a quiet ego was positively related to having a higher self-esteem, it was also related to various indicators of They also found that a quiet ego was associated with self-compassion, humility, authenticity, spiritual growth, flexible thinking, open-minded thinking, the ability to savor everyday experiences, life satisfaction, resilience, risk-taking, and the feeling that life is meaningful.If we take a multidimensional conceptualization of well-being (which I do), we see that a quiet ego is more conducive to living a full life.

Interestingly, the researchers also found a moderate positive relationship between having a quiet ego and extroversion.

This suggests that having a loud voice doesn’t necessarily mean having a loud ego, and having a quiet voice doesn’t automatically lead to a quiet ego.

On the other, the self has , who are leading the way in this line of research, put it, “The volume of the ego is turned down so that it might listen to others as well as the self in an effort to approach life more humanely and compassionately.” The quiet ego brings others into the self without , the quiet ego consists of four interconnected facets: detached awareness, inclusive identity, perspective-taking, and personal growth.

These four characteristics all contribute to having a general stance of balance and growth toward the self and others.

on these items: they are intensely mindful and aware of their surroundings.

They are focused on the immediate moment without judgment or preconceived ideas about how the moment should unfold.

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