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One fine day, I happened to have one of my female cousin come over. We didn't get the tickets for the movie we planned to watch, so we ended up going for another movie. Since meeting, we spoke less, I guess we both were shy & felt awkward. I kept that thought aside & tried making more friends online. But without sharing pics or meeting, just online friendship. He then started making out with his wife, their tongues playing with each other, he fondled her breasts over the gown, he then stopped & asked me if I was enjoying the show. On the other hand, Rajiv's wife Sheetal & I ended up becoming good phone buddies, we had exchanged numbers. I didn't want to, but I was certain he would somehow make me do it.. I turned around to show my ass, I kept one hand against the wall, the other pulling my gown up.. He tried to take off my gown, but I didn't let him. He pushed me roughly under him & he crawled over me... he went down to lick my pussy, but he couldn't do it for long, as he was hard & horny & couldn't resist fucking me. please doont tell my wife I said that though" We continued kissing.. I was thinking of Sameer & how it would be fucking someone as young as him..SHe was bold enough to ask me how I manage with sex now without my hubby. The movie ended up being bad & we both disliked it, he kept cracking jokes about it & I was laughing out loud. We continued our chit chats over the phone & sometimes to avoid my son seeing me on the phone, I would chat. Gradually I was going even more fond of him & the idea of him with me wasn't seeming like a bad one. I met one such guy, his name was Rajiv, he was 32 year old & married. Once I told Sheetal about Sameer, & wanting to seduce him, She warned me to be careful as he might get attached cos of his age. & plus I wanted to get in the bed with him as soon as possible. He thrusted his cock inside me, leaving me to give out a loud cry. I was also thinking about the threesome with Rajiv & Sheetal..

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I did try watching porn in my earlier days, never grew fond of them. & the girls hand was on the guys crotch area, which we couldnt see clearly. Looking at that, Sameer said, "tereko mood aa raha hai to bataa" I was stunned, I said "What? we used to have sex chats, and I started pleasuring myself with a talcum powder bottle that I had. Finally one day he tells me that his wife was with him while chatting & they both have sex chats with strangers and it turns them on more, seemed weird for me, but to each his own. But then the curiosity grew as to whether he was telling the truth. They offered to show face if they confirm that I am a woman. They wanted a threesome with both 2 guys & a girl, & 2 girls & a guy. we continued making our mouths wet with saliva by kissing. He was liike a drill machine, too fast in his thrusts.. She also suggested I could use the water spray gun from the bathroom to pleasure myself, & her last suggestion was Sex chat online. Few days later I was alone in the noon at home, My maid had gone away & son was in school. This went on for few days, I did make few online friend, but none were special. I didn't share anything back for days as I felt insecure, but few days later I showed a pic of mine too. " Sameer replied "Aarey masaak kar raha hu..thoda flirt karne ki koshish kar raha tha, agar chance mile toh aacha, otherwise - JUST KIDDING" I burst out laughing at what he said.. He showed me the webcam, he & his wife were in their nightwear, husband was in a banyan & wife in a nightgown, they made sure the webcam cuts off their face. She convinced me that Rajiv was awesome in bed & she will let him & me have our freedom & privacy without her around. " I went to the kitchen to get him a glass of water, he settled down on the sofa. I came 3 times & he was still at it without chhanging positions. I decided to pull out my husbands laptop & go online for a chat, & not for sex chat, but a rather decent one. One evening I began chatting with a 23 year old, at first I wasn't too keen cos of the age gap, but somehow we got along well & his sense of humour was amusing. 2 weeks later we tried video chatting, we exchanged numbers & started speaking over the phone. I told him "I am old enough to be your aunty, aur koi nahi milli flirt karne." He instantly replied, "aap aunty kam aur item jyadi dikhti ho" Me, "aacha? She planned to leave somewhere out for the weekend to her mother's place & I could stay at her place, when Rajiv returns home, he would get a surprise to find me there. Strangely, the acting like a wife part made me hot. After agreeing to Sheetal's idea, she invited me over to her place on friday noon. I walked up to him & offered the glass of water & sat beside him & replied, "sheetal & the kids are at her mother's place for the weekend." Rajiv, "was it her plan? He replied, "Oh god, that crazy woman." I told him in soft tone "Why dont you freshen up & change? She told me to come empty handed without any extra clothes. He was stunned to see me & more stunned to see me in a home gown. " He walked to the bedroom & went to the attached bathroom there. This real life event I am about to narrate is dedicated to the sweet memory of yahoo chatrooms, How I miss those days.I am currently a 39 year old widow, my husband passed away 3 years ago, leaving behind a 18 year old son.

The incident I am about to narrate is from 3 years ago, within 6 months from my husbands demise.

I was deeply hurt by the loss, we were deeply in love & it wasn't imagining a life ahead without him, but I had to be strong enough to support my son.

Within 6 months, the loss had grown bearable but I still missed him madly, we had a great physical relationship, our sex life was worth envying.

But the mental stress that I had gone through & managing alone for 6 months was a tough phase for me.

I noticed that male friends, my own & my late husbands tried making a move on me, but I had to resist, as it wasn't a good idea. He then asked me I could join them by getting naked & after a while I did so too.. Meanwhile me & Sameer were cotinuing our phone chats. His hand was over his pants loosening his dick inside the pants. I continued swaying, teasing him with my eyes, & blowing kisses.

Neither did it turn me on, knowing they knew my husband. I was a dwarf in comparison, being just 5 feet tall. I was thinking whether to entertain his flirting or seduce him directly. He took off her gown & she was left in a white bra & black panty, he popped one boob & started licking it. I fingered myself while they had sex & the husband was fucking her while looking at my cam. He was still trying his flirting & I began to entertain a bit. I raised the gown more this time, giving him a peep at my panty. I could see that his hand was in his pants now, massaging his dick.. he pulled me towards him & kissed me hard.mouths were wet with each others saliva mixing.. He ripped the gown off me & did the same with my innerwears.

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