Nervous about dating romance

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Also don’t expect everyone to check their messages daily.

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Are you a little nervous about the thought of putting yourself “out there” and signing up for an online dating site? Many people have that feeling, they shouldn’t though.I often hear people say they are scared that friends will find them… If your friends find you it means they are on the site as well.It’s no different now then saying going to a bar or any other public meeting area except here, you know the person is single and possibly interested in meeting you.It takes more guts to go up to a random person in a coffee line or on the street.Also you never know who they are with, waiting for or even married? My advice is to write it as though if anyone you knew saw it, you wouldn’t care.You can get into further details with someone once you feel comfortable with them.

Don’t put your heart on your sleeve in the profile, just give people a great somewhat vague representation of who you are, what you are looking for. Well, I recommend you either put up a decent photo or several photos.

Do not put one up where you look uncharacteristically like yourself, this could be good or bad. If you see 5 profiles that catch your interest in a “I wish to make contact with them type way” then by all means, contact them all.

Too many people take the best possible photo they can find and throw it up there. You’re on a dating site, why can’t you just contact them? Just make sure you write a personal greeting on each. If someone is contacting you or if you are contacting them it’s obvious that one party is interested and wants to get to know more.

That only makes for a let down if you don’t usually look like that. Ask questions but don’t cross the line, many things are best discussed in person or finding out for yourself. If you’re on an adult one, that’s a different story and we’re not discussing that here. If someone doesn’t email you back, don’t email them again, give them time.

If you are choosing just one photo, take the one that best represents you most of the time. Just because you’re in “dating mode” doesn’t mean they are.

They could be out walking a dog, at a cottage for a weekend or having a nice meal out.

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