Punkbuster not auto updating

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Punkbuster not auto updating - Online sex

may copy hooks to the new repository, depending on its configuration.

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The hook is allowed to edit the message file in place, and can be used to normalize the message into some project standard format.It can also be used to refuse the commit after inspecting the message file.and can be used to prevent a branch from getting rebased. The first parameter is the upstream from which the series was forked.The second parameter is the branch being rebased, and is not set when rebasing the current branch. The hook is given three parameters: the ref of the previous HEAD, the ref of the new HEAD (which may or may not have changed), and a flag indicating whether the checkout was a branch checkout (changing branches, flag=1) or a file checkout (retrieving a file from the index, flag=0).This hook cannot affect the outcome of This hook can be used in conjunction with a corresponding pre-commit hook to save and restore any form of metadata associated with the working tree (e.g.: permissions/ownership, ACLS, etc).See contrib/hooks/for an example of how to do this.

and can be used to prevent a push from taking place.

The hook is called with two parameters which provide the name and location of the destination remote, if a named remote is not being used both values will be the same.

In an environment that restricts the users' access only to git commands over the wire, this hook can be used to implement access control without relying on filesystem ownership and group membership.

See git-shell(1) for how you might use the login shell to restrict the user’s access to only git commands..

Such a push by default is refused if the working tree and the index of the remote repository has any difference from the currently checked out commit; when both the working tree and the index match the current commit, they are updated to match the newly pushed tip of the branch.

This hook is to be used to override the default behaviour.

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