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**NOTE: As of mid-2011, Rainbow Singles/Rainbow Christians closed for business.**A smaller, niche dating site, Rainbow Christians attracts gay singles that also follow a Christ-like path of any Christian denomination.With 5000 users in over 15 countries, this isn't the largest of Christian dating sites, but because of Rainbow Singles' market its doubtful they expect to be either.

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Overview from Rainbow Christians"Rainbow Christians(TM) is the web's premier LGBT Christian personals website.This site emerged from the growing need for a place where gay Christians can meet, as most Christian personals sites do not accommodate LGBT Christians.In too many places and churches a "gay Christian" is seen as some sort of contradiction, but we believe that there is a place for people of all sexual orientations and gender identities in the Church." ~ Rainbow Christians website What a Membership Includes A free membership with Rainbow Christians allows users to access a lot of the website, but actually contacting members will require a full, paid membership.Which is a good thing, because at least you can do a search to see how many members there are in your area before you shell out (admittedly only a little bit) of cash.A full membership includes sending and reading email from all members as well as live audio and video messengering services.One strange point: Rainbow Singles says you need to register to see user blogs, but once you've registered, the only page you see when you click on blogs is the one reminded you to sign up - again.

Obviously a glitch that needs fixing, or removing entirely from the site.

Unique Features Rainbow Christians is definitely a niche market, and therefore the site caters to users not normally allowed on Christian dating sites in general: gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered folks.

To meet the needs of this group of singles, the site has some unusual (but valid) questions at sign up, such as what gender you are looking for (MTF and FTM transgendered options included).

One feature I rarely see on any dating site is the ability to "unregister" your account, a feature prominently displayed to all users with free or paid subscriptions.

An excellent service, as then you're aware of when people are actually on the site looking, or have found love and deleted their account.

Membership Fees A 30 day membership with Rainbow Christians costs $5, 180 days is $25, and a full year's membership is $40 - all in USD.

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