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Once they got this sleeping chicks clothes off, my bro starts to stick his dick in her mouth!It was like she was giving him a blow job (except she was passed out) and he had to do all the work, like shove it in and out while holding her head...

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My buddy's little sister is this petite teenage girl, she couldn't have been a day over eighteen...I snuck into her room and saw that she was fast asleep!My buddy had gone for a quick run to the gas station to pick up some more beer, so I knew this would be my only chance to violate that sweet innocent body!I pulled the covers back gently, and then started to slowly slide her panties off...Her body was so amazingly small and perfect, I wouldn't be surprised if she was still a virgin!Her skin was creamy white and I couldn't wait to rub my cock all over her!

Once I got her panties off I gave her tight little pussy a smell, and couldn't wait to stick my dick in her...

I started off my rubbing it all over her sleeping mouth though. Basically these two crooked employees have one suite of their hotel rigged with hidden spy cameras.

What happened next I may not even be legally able to write about... They check the hottest girls into this special room, and then watch them getting ready for bed on spycam before breaking into their rooms and taking advantage of them! You can see her clearly on the hidden camera feed taking her clothes off and climing into bed...

Trust me when I say that it was one amazing session of sleep violation with the hottest little teenager I've ever had the chance to molest! Once she was fast asleep, they break into her room using the universal key card...

(Have to be quiet so not to risk waking her up, and getting fired from their sweet job...) This hottie was totally sleeping when they went in (and would have sucked both of them off if she was awake for sure).

Good thing she wasn't, so my buddy could have his way with her!

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    She does say that she is "jolly" which is funny to me, because when I think of Jolly I think of Santa Clause and this young lady and Old Saint Nicholas don't have anything in common.