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Lograrás un mayor control de tu empresa, un importante ahorro de tiempo, eficiencia en tus procesos, conocerás el nivel de satisfacción de tus clientes además de tener la tranquilidad de cumplir con la legislación de aplicación en todo momento.

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This is good advice, but it's also an "abstinence only" approach.If you decide to go through with it, there are ways to protect yourself.Before we say anything else on the subject: we don't generally recommend sending saucy pics over the internet.We've talked about this before, and our opinion hasn't changed.Just like sex in the real world, abstinence is the only thing that's 100% safe.However, we also know some of you are going to do it anyway—so again, just like sex in the real world, we think it's important to educate you on how to do it safely.

This should go without saying, but if you want to remain anonymous in the event your photos end up in the wrong hands, be sure that no one can confirm it's you at a glance. Also be aware of any tattoos, birth marks, abnormalities, or unique features on your body that someone may recognize.

All it takes is one person to recognize that unicorn tattoo just above your left hip to tie a name to that photo.

Georka es una consultora artesanal que adapta el sistema de gestión a implantar, a los procesos y procedimientos ya existentes en tu empresa.

A fin de que las mejoras interfieran lo menor posible en su forma de trabajo diario.

Ubicada en Vitoria-Gasteiz dando cobertura a País Vasco y provincias limítrofes.

Contar con un certificado reconocido internacionalmente te abrirá puertas a nuevos mercados, mejorando la imagen de tu empresa tanto para clientes, proveedores como para trabajadores.

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