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Either way, you and your date will have in for a treat. Sky High Mount Dandenong Escape the concrete jungle and the perennial traffic and take your date to the Sky High at Mount Dandenong.Make your experience more memorable through some amateur photographing and animated conversation! Sky High is the uppermost reach of the Dandenong Ranges bestowing you with a panoramic view of greater Melbourne from Morning Peninsula to the beautiful Port Philip Bay.

Sip coffee at the caf and take in the stunning sunset as darkness slowly engulfs mother earth and city lights lit up majestically.I am a freelance writer and an avid reader with an adventurous spirit.If you enjoy this article please click on the Like button, Facebook it to your friends or subscribe to my articles. Looking for some great dating ideas and want to have a magnificent time with your date then read on. Eureka Skydeck 88 - The Eureka Skydeck was created to reach the sky and get a bit closer to God or the Universe.Prepare to be ravished as you press your face against the glass walls of the Eureka tower and take in the bewitching view of Melbourne from a staggering height of 975 feet.Amaze your date with the awe-inspiring, bird's-eye view of gorgeous Melbourne. Then venture out to "the Edge" with your date and gaze down through the glass floors to find Melbourne at your feet, and either be confounded by the feeling of nothingness or be rewarded with the feeling of being the ultimate rulers of the world.Head here to find out all the intricate details and let the adventure begin. If you are feeling adventurous and do not mind travelling then you can explore the Brighton, Frankston, Chelsea beaches or somewhat further away Rye and Sorrento, to name a few.

Take a walk with your date and have fun discovering what the sea has brought to the shores.

Sink your teeth into some fish and chips and breathe in the fresh air. Spread out a quilt and savour some sushi and champagne with your date while watching the sun bid its farewell for the day and setting in the horizon. The Colonial Tramcar Restaurant Ever wondered what it would be like to have lunch or dinner on a moving tram or just want to try something different?

Gaze up and be prepared to be dazzled by the charismatic stars.

Far away from the rat race and the city noise, miles away from the towering buildings and crowds, share an enchanting evening with your date. Chill on Ice lounge Southbank is the location for the only Ice lounge in Melbourne.

For a reasonable fee, you get to rug up like an Eskimo and explore the Ice lounge for 30 minutes to enjoy the beautiful ice sculptures while sipping alcoholic beverages to keep yourself warm in the freezing temperatures.

Model for the mounted cameras and take some bizarre and funky pictures of yourself and your date, which you can later purchase for a small price. If you are feeling lazy or not looking at travelling far, St Kilda and Elwood are there to quench your thirst for sea and fresh air.

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