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Any deficiency of these elements, or ‘links’, would therefore compromise the ‘chain’ that binds and holds each component together, and love will suffer.– This may be considered the most challenging element of love.

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You don’t question their intention as you firmly believe and confirm that they will not do you harm and, instead, will flourish with such privilege.– There is no true love relationship that may occur without honesty.While certain truths may be painful to expose and share at times, the act and willingness to put truth above self-preservation is a constant testimony to that attests to the claim of love.– We are all predisposed to idiosyncrasies and quirks inherent in our personalities; and, in general, these are very good things.Oftentimes, however, such things may go across the grain of those closest to you.From Barbara: With Valentines Day just around the corner you might find yourself thinking about what love means to you.

This guest blog by gives us great ideas on this powerful emotion.

Love is the most influential, powerful state of being that any of us will ever encounter or experience in the course of our lives.

It is beyond emotion, as it encompasses and affects all levels of our actions, thoughts, inspirations and aspirations. The elements of love are intertwined and dependent upon one another; and, in most instances, are realized upon reciprocity.

Tolerance permits these differences in actions or thoughts and accepts the them in the other’s composition as part of who they are, and not an affront to who they are.

-It is impossible to embrace another so closely without, at some time, hurting or disappointing them in some way.

Forgiveness is the power and strength the ‘victim’ renders that indicates that the relationship is more important than the injury they feel has been done to them.

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