Validating xml with xsd net

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Validating xml with xsd net - Adult Chat Rooms

This method hold 2 arguments, one is the XML file path & another one is the Xml Reader Settings object which contains the XML schema definition language (XSD) schema. Follow the below code sample: C# Code: private String Builder s B = new String Builder(); protected void Page_Load(object sender, Event Args e) { if (! Load(Oreader); Validation Event Handler event Handler = new Validation Event Handler(Validation Event Handler); Odoc. To complete this example first create the below XML file: To create an XML file right click on project from solution explorer. Is Post Back) { string xml Path = Map Path("XMLFile.xml"); string xsd Path = Map Path("XMLFile.xsd"); Xml Reader Settings settings = new Xml Reader Settings(); settings.

Create(xsd Path)) Dim Oreader As Xml Reader = Xml Reader. Write("Validation completed successfully.") Else Response. Before working with any XML or set of XML files we have to validate the XML document first to avoid unhandled exception like corrupted file, incomplete file or even partial file. The XML file provider must provide you an XSD file according to their XML elements. Load(Oreader) Dim event Handler As Validation Event Handler = New Validation Event Handler(Address Of Validation Event Handler) Odoc. If they don’t provide then you can also create a XSD file using Visual Studio IDE. If you can not add the XML file or XSD file in your project to test the example please follow the below Video Tutorial or download C# or VB. To String()); } } public void Validation Event Handler(object sender, Validation Event Args args) { s B. Message); } Dim s B As String Builder = New String Builder() Protected Sub Page_Load(sender As Object, e As System. Load If Not Is Post Back Then Dim xml Path As String = Map Path("XMLFile.xml") Dim xsd Path As String = Map Path("XMLFile.xsd") Dim settings As Xml Reader Settings = New Xml Reader Settings() settings. Click here to read the process from my another article. Net Code example from below: Now we need to write some server code. Create(xsd Path)); Xml Reader Oreader = Xml Reader. Write("Validation completed successfully."); else Response. Basically XML documents are validated by the Xml Reader class Create method. Where we will use Xml Reader Settings object and Xml Reader class Create method. Create(xml Path, settings); Xml Document Odoc = new Xml Document(); Odoc. Notice that you have to have the namespace in the root element of the XML file.

Schema; namespace validate { public class Web Form1 : System.

Label The Xsd; private void Page_Load(object sender, System.

To String()) End If End If End Sub Public Sub Validation Event Handler(sender As Object, args As Validation Event Args) s B. Message) End Sub Note: Don’ forget to incorporate Validation Event Handler deligate mathod as well as “Imports System.

Hope you will get an output like “Validation completed successfully”.

Utlimately I want to be able to parse an xml STRING with an xsd STRING but this is the best I could do: parsing an xml FILE with an xsd FILE.

I basically reworked a console application example in the MSDN help file into a nicer looking ASP. It tells you if your file is not well-formed and then if it is not valid it lists out the specific reason (like in XMLSpy), quite helpful to find an error in a large XML file as it returns the line number on which the error occurred as well as the tag name. NET so to get it to work you will have to change the code around to whatever you want to do.

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