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Secondly, remember God doesn’t play games with your life. because nothing could be more profound than this simple truth. Such are the responses from those who faithfully support Hope For The Heart. And He gifts you with all you need to accom­plish that purpose. And there is a wonderful benefit to the one who does “the good work.” Not only does he or she feel a sense of accomplishment, but there is an even greater sense of obedience and worship in carrying out God’s plan.

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Our God is a God of fresh starts and new beginnings—from the morning sunrise, to the changing seasons, to the passing years. He wants you to reach your full potential, and He provides the means for you to discover how. something only God can do through you.” In closing this month’s teaching with this quote, I hope that you will take it to heart . God has created you “to do good works.” Whether it’s hands-on ministry to the lost, the sick, the hurting—kind words of comfort and encouragement—or giving of yourself to the benefit of others . The good that is accomplished through our daily broadcasts, the counseling resources that are given to those in need, the Care Representative who prays with a caller—all of these carry eternal value to the people who have discovered “His Light” after years of living in the darkness.

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hum ab mian bivi ki terha rehty hain.

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    It's here and ours." She said the collection arrived in "pristine" condition and remains that way, stored in their Class A gallery.