Who is bruce jenner dating now

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Who is bruce jenner dating now - Online sex

The person guiding the strategy behind the scenes has been Alan Nierob, a seasoned showbiz publicist and longtime exec at Rogers & Cowan.Last fall Jenner hired Nierob, who has handled crisis PR for some of Hollywood’s biggest names including Robert Downey Jr.

In the mid-1980s, Nierob helped Jenner at a moment of crisis when a reporter for the New York Times was pursuing a story about Jenner being a cross-dresser.At the time, Jenner was on the rebound from a career downturn and was enjoying a new round of endorsement deals and media gigs.In the mid-1980s, a story about the Olympic decathlon star dressing in women’s clothing would have severely damaged, if not destroyed, Jenner’s public image.Jenner had previously been repped by Rogers & Cowan around the time of his 1976 Olympic triumph but never by Nierob. In the early 1980s Jenner worked for ABC and NBC covering auto racing at a time when Nierob represented star driver Danny Sullivan.When Jenner was approached by the Times with questions about cross-dressing, Jenner confided in Nierob about her gender dysphoria condition.Bruce Jenner says his family leaks like a sieve, and he's to the point he doesn't trust his daughters with any info regarding his sex change ... We're told Bruce has been irate over some of the recent leaks and blames it squarely on the big mouths of his girls.

He's playing it close to the vest with the Kardashians, which is complicated because they were shooting Season 10 of the reality show.

We're told Bruce is conflicted because he knows KUWTK can fuel interest in his docuseries, but he's worried whatever he said on and off camera will get leaked, courtesy of his daughters. we're told Bruce has even tested his hunch with information, and it almost instantly surfaced online.

The media campaign surrounding Bruce Jenner’s public transformation into Caitlyn Jenner has been nothing short of masterful, from the substance of Diane Sawyer’s two-hour “20/20” interview special in April to the sizzle of this week’s Vanity Fair cover reveal of Caitlyn in a bustier.

Nierob was never formally hired as Jenner’s rep — he helped her out as a friend.

Nierob worked briefly but intensely with Jenner’s then-manager and attorney to dissuade the Times reporter from pursuing the story.

He used all the PR pressure tricks: strenuous denials, questioning the motives of his sources and emphasizing the ramifications of such a story for Jenner and his family. Thirty-odd years later, Jenner turned to Nierob for help on the journey to becoming Caitlyn because of the level of trust between them.

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