Windows xp whs not updating

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Windows xp whs not updating - Free Online

The Software Installation Disc installs several programs that enable your computer to communicate with the HP Media Smart Server over your network.Software firewalls installed on your computer can block this communication and prevent the computer from locating the HP Media Smart Server on your network. It is recommended that you set your firewall and anti-virus programs to "Learn" new programs before installing the HP Media Smart Server software.

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Allow the following HP Media Smart Server programs to communicate through your firewall or anti-virus program: C:\Program Files\Windows Home Server This directory will hold the following programs that need to be added: Some firewall or anti-virus programs may not automatically update their trusted programs list.The password hint can be seen by anyone who clicks the Password hint button on the Windows Home Server Connector logon window.This is the only opportunity you will have to set the server password.The server password is not the same as a user password.User accounts and passwords are setup in the Windows Home Server Console.The server will install updates in the background as they are available.

If you updated the client software, it must also be uninstalled so that the server and the client are running the same version of the HP Media Smart Server software.

HP Update does not update the Microsoft Windows Home Server operating system.

Instructions for manually updating several common firewall and anti-virus programs are listed below.

If your firewall or anti-virus program is not listed, please contact the vendor to find out how to manually add programs to the trusted programs list.

Additionally, see the documentation that came with your firewall or anti-virus program for the latest information.

If you selected Automatically download and install updates when you configured HP Update, then you do not need to take further action.

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